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Marlik hotel has started its activity in 1963.
After years of activity and provide services to a large number of domestic and foreign guests, Due to the new demands of the market, From 2010 because of the reconstruction was fully closed.
Fortunately, this hotel thanks to God and cooperate of tourism experts, With significant capital, Fully renovated and equipped with new equipment and decoration.
And on 11.22.2013 with new approach was put into operation And now is ready for guests.

About Marlik Civilization History

Marlik is an ancient site near Roudbar in Gilan, north of Iran. The site of a royal cemetery, and artifacts found at this site date back to 3,000 years ago. Some of the artifacts contain amazing workmanship with gold.

About The Hotel Founder

Ezatollah Negahban (Persian: عزت‌الله نگهبان‎‎, March 1, 1926 – 2 February 2009) was an Iranian archaeologist known as the father of Iranian modern archaeology.

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